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Rebtel at its center is a Voice Over Internet Protocol usually abbreviated as VoIP. Rebtel App allows for worldwide or global calls connected online instead of through archetypal telephone exchanges. This is one of the few, if not the only VoIP system that operates with landline and mobile networks in tandem and can be used from any phone, irrespective of its Internet connectivity.

It is noteworthy that Rebtel provides international calls amid any two phones at considerably reduced price by offering you an exceptional telephone number acknowledged as a local line in the two countries. You only need to pay local charges on international calls because the other side or leg of your call is routed through the VoIP network of Rebtel.

Rebtel App had just enabled a free first-call ability that allows users take the VoIP features of the app for a spin without having to sign up for an account. It was gathered from the company that it is now time for an improved and better Rebtel app for all its Android users.

It was in view of the fact that Rebtel recently announced the launch of its new version 4.0 Android app, coming up with a new and cleaner design targeted at improving and bringing new look and user experience.

With this new development, you can now see your credit and the remaining minutes in your account easily, and you can as well expect faster navigation with your Favorites incorporated on the top of your contacts list for them to be within easier access, with a new menu view. Furthermore, the chat conversation windows of this new version Android app have a less-cluttered look.

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Get the new version Rebtel Android app from Google Play Store now and feel the new look and feel of the app!

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