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Download Facebook Messenger free for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, Windows Phone, iPad, Fire Phone, Firefox OS, PC, Windows, Mac, Linux. Facebook Messenger offers a variety of important features that everyone craves to use.

Below are some of the most significant Facebook Messenger features that are really excellent:

Voice and video calls

You can make free voice or video calls on Facebook Messenger. Just hit on the video or phone icon in the right corner on the top of the screen and make a call right from Messenger.

Location Share

Facebook Messenger has a feature that allows you to share your location with family, or friends. Simply start a chat with whomever you need to share your real location, and then tap the … button at the bottom of the chat, then hit location and you will be able see a blue ring with your present locality. Hit send and there you have shared it. You can as well share another location other than your locality by searching at the search bar at the bottom of the map and then tap send for sharing.

Send or Receive Money

You can send as well as request cash using Facebook Messenger. You only need to add a debit card authorized by U.S. based bank and there you are set. Facebook Messenger works like PayPal. The only dissimilarity is that Facebook Messenger does not charge any fee to send or receive money.

Add Other Apps to Messenger

It has a feature for adding apps like ESPN or Giphy direct to your Facebook Messenger. Then share some fun animated gif’s, memes as well as highlights straight from ESPN.

Group Chat

Messenger has a feature that allows for chat with a multiple chat with a group.  You can as well pin the group chats that you need to control or communicate with regularly.

Video Sharing

This feature enables you send videos to your friends by use the camera icon. Just tap and hold the camera button, it will let you to take a video and share. Additionally you can share a previously recorded video.

Stickers and Emoji

These are the most used features of Facebook messenger. The stickers and emoji helps you to express your feelings and reactions about something when you have gone short of words.

Photo Sharing

With this feature you just tap the camera button to take a photo, and then from there you are set to share. You can also share previously taken photos.

Message Delivery Feature

Facebook Messenger has a feature that shows you the status of your sent messages. You will see when the message is sent to your colleague’s phone, as well as when they have seen it.

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