How To Send HD Video With Kik App For Android

In today’s article, we would be looking at the Kik app, and how you can actually now send HD videos to your buddies. With the Kik app, you have the ability to send HD videos to your friends and family, and I’m going to put you through how you can do that.

First is to open the Kik app, it works free for Android and iOS, and it is a free messaging app. Then click on any video that you want to send and you are going to click the little send button and usually if it’s a big file it will take time to load. But it can only be 10 megabytes or less. So if you have like a five-minute video, it is only 10 megabytes you can actually send.

So now you don’t need any third-party video apps to be used to send videos because some of those don’t actually work smoothly. So basically, all you are going to do is tap on the video in a little message and click send and if the video is a higher resolution it is going to take a little bit longer for it to render. So the people that you’re sending it to can actually view it and you have the ability to either delete it, share it or forward it when you tap the video, as it says right here. It could take a minute or so to send depending on how fast your internet connection or data connection is.

That is a very quick and simple way to send videos from Kik messenger to your buddies. Like I said it is a free application and it just works through your phone and if you actually have people that are on Kik, it would find them in your address book and ask you if you want to add them.

The quality of the video is pretty good and you can actually record video from the Kik app itself so it would be like a live video. But if you want to send an HD video that you already have previously recorded, that is how you do it.

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