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Whatsapp is one of the popular social media networks, where people communicate with each other like SMS services and send greeting, and other stuffs. You can use the Whatsapp for many purposes. Most of the people are sharing some interesting news, videos and photos with other people can spread the positive message.

Many people have already created some groups and do groups chatting. It is the most exceptional application that everyone is using, you can easily send pictures and videos to each other, but it is very essential that both the people keep Whatsapp application otherwise, they cannot communicate with each other and also the internet connection is very important for using Whatsapp.

How WhatsApp Works

As mention earlier, WhatsApp application lets you exchange messages and you don’t have to pay for SMS. You can use WhatsApp on Nokia, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry and iPhone. These phones can all message each other. You will not pay a dime to message and be connected to your well wishers because WhatsApp makes use of identical Internet data plan that you use for web browsing and email. You can also create groups, video and media messages and send unlimited images to loved ones, in addition to basic messaging.

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