Best Smartphones 2015

Anyone would love to buy a straight talk phone. There are varied straight talk phones from very affordable ones which are prepaid to very expensive ones. You will be able to get then across various platforms. The following article provide you with information of four best smartphones. You will get there current recommended retail price, and other specifications. These phones have got good display with very great screen contrast and display. Right now, the iOS, Android, and Windows are the majority of operating systems available for these phones.

Motorola Moto E

Moto E has a decent battery and is a very affordable straight talk phone. Despite the fact that it does not have a front-facing camera this phone an adequate responsiveness. It has a microSD support and a limited internal storage (4 GB). The recommended retail price is $99.9 making is a highly competitive phone in the market. Other great features of this phone include a hard friendly curved back and a back-plate that is replaceable. Moto E is powered by a dual-core processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz. It has a 1 GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a solid camera of 13 MP and a great screen. The phone is powered by a powerful process of 1.9 GHz and a 2 GB RAM. With its derivative and predictable design, you will really enjoy the plastic frame and feel. The phone has a very beautiful display with lots of processing power for games and apps. The recommended retail price for this phone is $299.99. Other features include memory card and microSD slots, and a support for removable batteries.

LG Ultimate 2

LG Ultimate 2 extends the list of straight talk phones with its customizable backlit home key. It has got a responsive keyboard and a snazzy shimmering back-cover. Despite the fact that it does not have LTE, LG Ultimate 2 has got tinny external speaker and old-style capacitive buttons. The phone runs on a 1.2 GHz processor (quad-core) with a 1 GB RAM. The recommended retail price is $129.99.

Apple iPhone 6

One of the greatest features that makes Apple iPhone 6 the best straight talk phone of the year is its great battery life and improved camera. Other additional features from the iPhone 5s include better camera, iOS 8, rounded design, as well as better software. The recommended retail price for Apple iPhone 6 is $650.00. It processor that runs on a 64-bit has been built with a new M8 motion sensor. It has got a larger display of 4.7-inch 1334 x 750.

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