Facebook introduces a way to get information about your unknown Contacts and Stalkers


At one point or the other we have received a message or a call through the various messaging apps form people we do not know. Some are from stalkers. Other times we make new friends as we carry out various activities in life and give them our contacts. But we at times forget that we gave out our contacts so when such people call us we are suspicious about them so we prefer not to reply or we block them.

Also at times long lost friends try to contacts us and we fail to reply because we do not recognize the contact or again we block and just like that we lose the chance of ever reuniting again. In some cases we classify messages form such people as spam.

Previously, Facebook manager used to prevent you from getting messages from people you do not know by routing such messages to servers that store spam. Facebook however have now introduced a new feature in their messaging app, Facebook Messenger. This new feature gives you some details concerning people who try to contact you through the application and you do not recognize them. For example you made friend while doing some course and they try to contact you.

Facebook Messenger will provide you with a few details about the friend such as the institution where they took the course and the city where they live. When you read such information it could jog your memory and you remember the friend. Also it could be that you met the friend at their place of work and information about their job and where they work could help you remember. The new feature will also help reduce those awkward moment where if you choose to reply to the person who has contacted you, you ask those awkward question as you try to establish how you met.

If the person trying to contact you is on Facebook, the Messenger will get the information from there. There is a limit though to the information the Messenger shows. You will only be able to view information that is public on Facebook. This means the privacy measures on Facebook are still intact and information that is not public cannot be viewed. Now through the messenger you can grow your social life more and even make friends who previously you would have ignored because you did not recognize them.

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