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Best 5 Instant Messaging Apps Alternatives to Whatsapp


Hey, if you still thought Whatsapp is the only fastest way to get in touch with people then it’s time you update your status. Find below the perfect alternatives to Whatsapp, which is even become vulnerable to stalkers. Best 5

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Facebook Messenger VS Google Hangouts


Facebook is the most popular social media having billion active users it allows one to connect with any other users for free through exchange of SMS, MMS channels .The Facebook Messenger app supports Android, IOS, and blackberry which basically gives

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Download Google Messenger ( Android Messages )


Google has recently updated its messenger app. The latest version Google Messenger which is 1.3 has very little but amazing update. Now you do not need to go message page to reply the messages back because the Google Messenger 1.3

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Download Snapchat App and Get All The Benefits


The industry of application for mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones seems like a very promising business. The number of these applications keeps on increasing very rapidly from year to year. Every app comes with its own functions and Snapchat

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Discover why Telegram Messenger App is the Fastest on the Market

Telegram Messenger is the fastest messaging app on the market simply for the reason that it makes use of a circulated infrastructure with data places located all over the world to connect users to the closest possible server. It also

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The Sounds of Instagram


Amidst the various apps that you can download right now, one of the biggest is Instagram. This image sharing app is unlike any other in both popularity and success. While other options abound, none of them seem to have the

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Apple is Losing its Lead in Smartphones


It is no more news that Smartphones are why we are able to get connected to the entire world. When the Smartphone race started almost a decade ago, it is very difficult to imagine of just how limited they were,

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Make Video Calls and Send Messages Using Skype without Downloading the App


With the website of Skype, you can now make video calls and send messages without you having to download the Skype app. Despite the fact that applications frequently offer easier user experience than programs on the Web, the prerequisite of

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