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Google has recently updated its messenger app. The latest version Google Messenger which is 1.3 has very little but amazing update. Now you do not need to go message page to reply the messages back because the Google Messenger 1.3 has introduced the option of quick replying to text message right from the notifications.

All you have to update your Google messenger to the latest version. Once you update, you will see the notification of receiving message just like you do before but in new update you will see the option to reply back without going to full screen chat, all you have to click on reply button at the bottom of notification. Clicking on the button will take you a full screen quick reply view along with keyboard at the bottom.

The quick reply from the notification is a great upgradation and new concept which should be taken by other notification featured application like Facebook, Skype, Whats app and even Google’s hangout. It will not just save the time of users to reply back in fast manners but also decrease the usage of Smartphone cache memory.

Other than fast reply option, the new Google messenger is no support the animated gif file. Here i am not talking about the animated emoticons, but the GIF files which are relatively bigger and much better than animated emojis. Android update, the Google Messenger now support the mobile widget which mean you can take you messenger to the home screen.

Download Google Messenger – Android Messages

Google Messenger 1.3 also fixed number of bugs which was previously reported by the users.

Let see if Google going to introduced this new feature of replying from notification to other application or not because Google hangout application badly needed this feature.

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