Apple is Losing its Lead in Smartphones


It is no more news that Smartphones are why we are able to get connected to the entire world. When the Smartphone race started almost a decade ago, it is very difficult to imagine of just how limited they were, but these days, each device is a small computer that does the whole lot well.

Although, Apple is losing its lead in the Smartphone terrain, it is still slightly ahead because of its iOS that cannot be replicated by Samsung or anyone else.

The Android ecosystem is up till now an uneven chaos as gadgets seldom obtain consistent updates, even as developers tend to make their best apps exclusive for it just after the iPhone version, in spite of the best efforts of Google.

The only iOS Smartphone OS is the Smartphone that promises that your device will be supported for several years. Consider yourself fortunate if you can come across an Android phone that is still getting updates after one year of buying it. For the time being, Apple has a propensity of keeping iPhones updated for up to four years.

Another thing is the issue of security. Apple can launch a software update to the whole iOS ecosystem at once, if and after a malicious bug is discovered. This is not possible on Android.

This year however, Apple is in an odd place. As competitors are defeating it everywhere else from useful hardware features to design, iOS is the only thing keeping the iPhone ahead. Apple has been out-engineered by Samsung in many momentous ways. The lead of this iPhone has never been slighter, and it is running out of time earlier than when Samsung finds out the remaining puzzle and fixes its software issues.

Many good Smartphones are available and this makes is difficult to know which one to choose. This will depend on what you care about or cherish most. Every Smartphone does all well, but a number of them are superior to others. It is the slight factors that make the difference.

The most important qualities of a Smartphone are the build, display and camera. It can also possible to discuss about the phone that will be the best to buy in the long run and the one that offers the best audio.

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