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The industry of application for mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones seems like a very promising business. The number of these applications keeps on increasing very rapidly from year to year. Every app comes with its own functions and Snapchat is a popular application for communicating purpose.

Every application must have its own unique features to be able to survive the competition. Unlike other instant messaging app, Snapchat allows the users to send their picture or video files that can be seen by the recipients for a certain period of time. Once the view time is over, the message will be no longer available. You can download Snapchat app and make sure that your messages are viewed by the designated recipient only. The creator of this messaging app never seems to stop developing this app so that the new versions of Snapchat are equipped with more convenient features.

The chatting features in the latest version of Snapchat are much better than the previous app. It also comes with more expanding functionality that allows the users to capture the picture and video with a single tap. Snapchat has impressed many users with its well-made interface, high usability and swiping controls.

There are many types of social and chatting applications out there and Snapchat has come up with its timer feature. This novelty feature of Snapchat allows the users to enjoy more security in communicating with other people. The conversations you make with this app are not logged on your device nor any server. Once you close the conversation window, all your snaps will be automatically deleted.

Snapchat is a very fun instant messaging app to play around with. This app comes with streamlined and efficient interface. That means the users of Snapchat can enjoy easy access to every main features attached on this messaging app without any extra steps and distractions. It has exceeded the expectations of many users and you can enjoy a more fun messaging experience because you have the power to customize the messages.

Starting a conversation with your friends is very easy, all you have to do s swipe your finger on the contact’s name. You can also swipe to left or right direction to switch between different tasks more easily. Through a single tap, the users can add a caption of snap a photo instantly. The available controls are also seen the quickest shortcuts to allthe main features of this instant messaging application.

In the newest version of Snapchat, the users can enjoy better and more convenient text and format features. In addition to its beautiful chat window and neat text and format appearance, there is another impressive feature that allows the users to choose what to show to another user at the other end of the line. You can hold your gadget straight and tap on the photo or video button and slide a fingr acroos the screen. Instantly, you will be able to see a preview bubble of the file you are about to share.

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