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Stay in touch with friends and share files with Yahoo Messenger App


As a matter of fact, Yahoo! Messenger is a software solution which offers users the opportunity of sending and receiving messages through Internet connection. Nevertheless, this messenger app has developed so much as of late that it is now very

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Download Viber Messaging App for Free Calls and Messages Everywhere


It is no more news that Smartphones have dominated the telecommunications industry even as almost every one of us has one. Smartphones are now one of the lifelines of modern civilizations, making communication easy and hassle free. For those who

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Is Telegram Messenger Secure Enough to Be Used for Office Communication?


A lot of instant messaging applications are out on the market today. Unfortunately, quite a lot of them have some contentious security features. For this reason, it is imperative for individuals and businesses to be adamant on greater amount of

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Facebook for Microsoft Windows 10 finally released


Microsoft has dragged it’s behemoth feet since creating an instagram app for the windows phone nearly two years ago. So we are glad to hear about it’s commitment to encourage developers to create Windows apps for facebook messenger and instagram.

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iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

iPhone-8-iPhone 8-Plus-iPhone-X

2017 is the 10th anniversary of Apple which is the world’s best-selling smartphone company. In this anniversary, Apple is planning a redesigned model of their iPhones. Recently a news confirmed that iPhone 8 launch will be delayed this year. But

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Twitter is letting you create and vote on polls about anything                  


Are you a holder of a Twitter account? If you are then, you’ll know what I mean when I use these two terms “fav or retweet.” In other words the “fav or retweet” options on your twitter account are used

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Emoji, Live Photos Update and Bug Fixes Highlight iOS 9.1

A month after the release of iOS 9.2, Apple has started initiatives on how push out iOS 9.1. It is expected of it but then exact changes in in 9.2 are yet to be revealed and it could include new

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Tech Startup CREO Launches First Flagship – Mark 1

Is this a good time for a tech startup to come with a new smartphone? Most of you might answer no, but impressive specifications, awesome performance, flawless Android experience and commendable after sales support might change the situation. CREO is

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