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Facebook introduces a way to get information about your unknown Contacts and Stalkers


At one point or the other we have received a message or a call through the various messaging apps form people we do not know. Some are from stalkers. Other times we make new friends as we carry out various

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Be ready for phone battle between Samsung and Apple


Samsung and Apple are going to start another bigger face-off in the future as both companies are preparing for the major launches. This means that people, who buy phones, are getting inundated with the rumors regarding the trends of phones.

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Google Cardboard vs Samsung Gear VR


Google Cardboard is cheaper than Galaxy VR and We get this also in many giveaways as We get Galaxy VR with Galaxy’s phone. This VR is the answer to Samsung Galaxy VR. We are hoping that the partnership of Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


If you thought that you knew everything that a smartphone is capable of, then think again because the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge are going to blow your mind. Building up from the already loved S5 and

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Twitter muting options for New Users or Strangers


As the trolls barge into the user’s notifications with the offensive user names and replies, the legitimate users may not be found on the Twitter again. Thus presently, the company released some new tools for helping the users in silencing

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Apple is working on “Neural Engine” chip that will power AI on Apple Smart devices


For those who are familiar with what was currently going on at Apple, it is not new anymore that the tech giant is working on it own deep neural networks. This, however, was announced last year at WWDC. However, the

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The bosses of Facebook, Twitter and Google will be charged for £4m by Germany for the extremist content and fake news


The German authorities have recently approved the fines of nearly 50 million euros on different social media sites which failed to remove the content including the hate speech, fake news, extremist material, and abusive stuff. The government of Germany has put

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Telegram Messenger Offers a Private Secure Line


Upon looking at Telegram at the first time, you might notice the striking similarities with the Whatsapp messenger. It has the same cartoonish green wallpaper and even green double checkmark that signifies an already read message. But what they lacked

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