Facebook for Microsoft Windows 10 finally released


Microsoft has dragged it’s behemoth feet since creating an instagram app for the windows phone nearly two years ago. So we are glad to hear about it’s commitment to encourage developers to create Windows apps for facebook messenger and instagram. The announcement came this week where Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was quoted saying: “Facebook is all in on Windows 10.”

Last year,  Microsoft released statements to depict that this was in the works and Facebook went on during the development stages to authenticate the apps. It was said that the Windows 10 features was a port from the iOS but on further investigation, we have realised it’s not the case. However, for the early stages,  iOS graphics are reused on placeholders. All this is broken down in clear detail by @NotCarsim, a writer for Frawin and one well-versed in anything Microsoft.

At the launch of the app,  Terry Myerson, EVP of Windows and Devices Group gave us updates on how the new platform is performing on a global scale: 110 million devices now run on Windows 10.

He said that in addition to the Facebook,  Messenger and Instagram universal apps,  other apps like: Flipagram,  Box, Candy Crush Saga and Uber would follow in getting the universal rack up.

Download Facebook for Windows 10

Speaking of apps in the Windows Store,  there are now 670 million as a combination of phones, Windows NT and universal apps i.e. multiple platform apps. In comparison,  Apple has 1.5 billion apps and Google has 1.6 billion of them on the PlayStore.

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