Twitter muting options for New Users or Strangers

Twitter muting options for New Users or Strangers

As the trolls barge into the user’s notifications with the offensive user names and replies, the legitimate users may not be found on the Twitter again. Thus presently, the company released some new tools for helping the users in silencing the riff-raff. There are some options of muting the notifications, from the newly registered accounts for the users who don’t follow you and the users you don’t follow. This can be done by going into Notifications -> Settings -> Advanced Filters section of Twitter.

These additional features in Twitter follow another roll out done in March, introducing new ways of silencing the people who don’t have any profile picture and any valid email address or phone numbers in their accounts. The company has recently needed filtering the new direct messages option into the folder of message requests. All these changes amid the social media platform deny the report of The Washington Post saying that it is operating on the ways for letting people know about the fake new about it.

Twitter has got urged publically for dealing with the abuse issues for many years. But presently, the strategy of the company seems to be involved in hiding the abusive stuff from the victims instead of making them aggressive exterminating the trolls which may lead to the hate speech or threats. The modern changes won’t perform anything for getting rid of users who try to offend or harass you away. But they include the options which at least can lower the damage caused by the jerks who often make their accounts registered for attacking other people; they don’t follow them and also don’t get followed back.

For level beyond the present stage or influence, Twitter should make itself available by the mainstream online citizens. There are the users who aren’t probably like to configure the deeply buried features, to understand the interface jargon, to put up the vulgar trolls or instantly realize what features are even for.

Yet at the core of Twitter, there are services which are quite valuable: the ability to consume the distilled perspective of the world from professionals on each topic and participate in the various discussions. The challenge of Twitter will be starting to take the important steps for making the app simple and safer, even if it involves the jostling the loyalists, and kicking out the spams or unsavory users even if it is trying to increase its user count.

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