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Dating on the social networks has always been popular but little strange. People could not feel sure if the stranger contacts them for chatting nor for a date. In the last time messaging apps have also become popular for chatting purposes and so for a possible dating. The app Tinder appeared in the UK for the first time and now has the privilege to be the first one dating app in the world.

According to the information, there are 50 million people active on Tinder app with more than 90 minutes spent every day. Each Tinder user check his account 11 times per day which include celebrities as well. The app could be a great possibility to find your soul mate and make you happy as never before.

In the beginning, Tinder was the place for dating and connecting people by proximity criteria. Now nearly everyone uses it regularly for dating and chatting. The system of Tinder works as follows: The GPS machine finds your place and uses Facebook information for creating aTinder profile. The profile consists of your name, age, photos, education and pages you like. After making a profile enter the search option to find some matches. If you like found matches just press like and wait for the result. If the other side responses the same, start with the message.

The Tinder app is a place where people could always find something new. The latest change has recently appeared as a limitation for those younger than 18 years old to use it. Before this decision came to force, Tinder had an option for children between 13-17 years old. In addition, users in Australia are able to create some groups and like the others.

The best trick for Tinder is having the right profile picture. The officials in Tinder say that photos leave the best expression so make them look natural and attractive. Be yourself of find photos which show your interests or skills. Moreover, Tinder will introduce GIF options for chatting allowing you to increase the number of potential dates.

On the other hand, Tinder has a human part which was mainly active in 2015 when three celebrities rose the attention of life-saving organ needs. Recently, even Leonardo DiCaprion created his own profile on Tinder and many more celebrities. We suppose that those reasons are enough to make you interested in finding your love on Tinder messaging app.

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