Shazam App Offers Easiest and Quickest Way to Discover more about Music


Shazam app is designed for the purpose of identifying music being played in the neighborhood. This mobile phone application is simple and reliable anytime you feel like listening to music. As soon as the app starts running, it works within seconds. It will categorize the song as well as display information. Shazam app has different including archival function, information about the artist recognized and direct purchase on the Internet.

Making use of Shazam application is just the easiest and quickest way to find out more about TV, ads and music. All you need to do is to hold up your phone to the TV or music to get the lyrics, discover a track, buy it, watch the video, share it, and lots more! You can get this app on your Windows Phone. On the other hand, if you want to use Shazam app on your PC, you have to upgrade to Windows 10.

Shazam app makes use of mobile phone or microphone to sample the music being played nearby. This sample is then harmonized in a database to find out what the song is all about. In a nutshell, Shazam application answers the common question of WHAT SONG IS THIS that people asked in a group. This app has gained a lot of popularity and business, beginning as an Internet startup.

Shazam app comes in three different types of packages including RED like encore but part of the income is donated by charity, Encore (a pay-to-play program) and free-to-try software.


  • The app shares tags on Facebook, Windows Live, Twitter and lots more
  • Purchase tracks easily
  • Watch music videos and concerts from YouTube

Shazam app has been designed wholly for Smartphones. However, it is sometimes necessary to discover the song playing on the road for those who stick to their computers. As long as you have microphone in your laptop or PC, you can use Shazam app on your Mac or PC and it will work flawlessly.

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