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Ability to log into the Hichat messenger with your Facebook account. In this case, you will be able to use the Email address and Password that you log with into your Facebook account. See your friends with their status on Facebook. This app also lets you to see your Facebook friends who are either Offline or Online. Therefore, you can be able to know who will respond to your messages instantly.

Hichat messenger offers you a search tab where you can easily find the person whom you are looking forward to chat with. This feature highly ideal for those people who have got very many friends and contacts on their list.

Chat with your friends by sharing voice calls or text messages to them if they are available on their Facebook Messenger or on their Official Facebook sites.

Ability to store your recent chat conversation and chat history. This feature primarily, lets you have an easy navigation over your latest chat history and conversation.

Notify you by vibration or ringtone if you are getting and incoming call or incoming message (chats). You can also be able to customize the notification alert in a way that will suit you by choosing either ringtone, vibration, or silent modes.

The Hichat messenger also lets you make free voice calls to your family and friends if both of you are online on the app. The voice call feature is fast and convenient due to its high voice quality and instant connections just like your normal phone calls.

Ice/Turn/Stun supported. In this case, the app will offer you with an opportunity to make calls in any network including Wi-Fi, 4G, and 3G.

Last but not least, you will have the ability to sign-out of this app. This feature is ideal for those people who opt for instant messaging apps that won’t notify them of the incoming messages more so when they are busy. For, instance, if you have something to concentrate with for a whole week and therefore you are not willing to stay online with your smartphone gadget, you can perfectly use this feature to disable all the communication.

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