Why Download Yahoo Messenger?


With the yahoo messages you will be able to make free video and voice calls across the world with just an internet connection (2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi). It is otherwise important to note that these calls are offered in Beta Messenger.

Chat with Facebook Friends:

The Yahoo messenger offers you a platform where you can chat with your Facebook friends. This is through its integration with Facebook that is convenient and effective.

Free Messaging:

If you enjoy chatting and messaging, then you have all the reasons to switch to Yahoo and enjoy the free international SMS. You will need to subscribe to a data plan (data charges may apply) or connect to the Wi-Fi.

Share Multimedia:

With the Yahoo messenger, you can share multimedia messages like videos and photos easily and conveniently.

Chat with Windows Live Friends:

If you have some friends who are using Windows Live Messenger or if you just enjoy making friends out of stranger, you have a reason to consider using this app and interact with Windows Live friends.

NOTE: To use the Video (Beta) service by Yahoo you will need an operating System 2.3 and as well install the Yahoo Messenger Plug-in (OS2.2+ for myTouch 4G and EVO). SMS messages can be freely sent to contacts in Thailand, Kuwait, Pakistan, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, and USA. This messenger is also currently supported by the latest Yahoo Messenger for PC, meaning that you can stay online both in Yahoo and on PC.

Recent Updates:

In the recent past Yahoo has received some notable updates. Among them being security enhancement on your data and the way you communicate with your Yahoo friends and family. They have also removed all Ads include the graphical ads from the Yahoo Messenger from the app. This has will make your experience when using the app more enjoyable, reliable, and efficient.

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