How Vine App Works


Signing in with your email or Twitter account is the first step to take if you want to use the Vine app. Your picture and bio will be pulled if you register with Twitter – if you want you can edit it, but the implication is that it will give you a profile that is ready to go. Making video with Vine app is easy. At the top right hand corner of Vine app, you will see a video icon. Click on it and this will link you with the capture screen.

Just hold your fingers on the screen to begin recording, and remove your finger when you want to stop the recording. This lets you capture one single six-second clip, or stop and begin at the same time frame in order to lessen a longer activity into its highlights. A progress bar is available at the top, where you can see the remaining time you have left to spare.

Similarly, simply hold your finger on the screen to post a video and remove it to stop the recording. It will take you just a few clicks to post the six seconds video you have recorded to Facebook, Twitter, or VINE.

Direct message option for videos you want to share one-on-one is also available. Opt for Explore option to see popular videos and to view by Special FX, music, comedy, music, and so on.

Vine app is a very easy and efficient when it come to video sharing. In addition, it is a great app that is second to none in social media. It will allow you to share the moment easily with video and text images.

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