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Are you eluded by the invite system of buying OnePlus One? Have you been put off from buying OnePlus One due to the invite system? Worry no more! OnePlus One has officially abandoned the invite system for you to buy OnePlus One. This implies that there is no more invites and no more waiting forever. All devices and all regions will be able to gain access to this device.

Whereas this might be great news that is worth celebrating, the question is, what does this imply for OnePlus Two?

OnePlus Two Will Still Be Launched Via Invites

The invite system of OnePlus’ is always awkward, slow and clumsy! It is actually not something to celebrate. Most people who are anxious on how they will acquire this phone most likely don’t what to hear such kind of “invite systems”. In a very short time period, OnePlus’ has made a tremendous splash in the Android World despite it being a small company. This is why they don’t hope to build over 10 million pieces of OnePlus Two’s and hope to sell all of them. With the invite system, they have an ability to trace and track sales in a slow production rate and via manageable levels which ensure that all OnePlus Two’s which are built will have a place to sell in the market.

From another point of view, it is true to say that OnePlus is somewhat more confident currently than how it was a year ago. This is due to the fact that it has proved to be a manufacturer with a meaningful initial levels of production and a solid fan base. Therefore, the invite system might still be meaningful at the beginning but hopefully, it might not last for a very long period of time before it is renounced. Another important thing is the fact that OnePlus might have learnt many things from the invite system.

Invite-Free OnePlus One Celebration Offers

Imagine a situation where you have planned to buy a Smartphone present for a friend or fiancé only to realize that time has lapsed and you have not managed to be invited? But this is not the case for OnePlus! With customers from the Western Europe and US are getting bonuses as well as 75% off on premium screen protectors and flip covers. It is although wise to consider rushing to the shop to acquire OnePlus One as this offer will last for a short time period.

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