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As a matter of fact, Yahoo! Messenger is a software solution which offers users the opportunity of sending and receiving messages through Internet connection. Nevertheless, this messenger app has developed so much as of late that it is now very much more than that. The new Yahoo Messenger App has come with file transfer capability, skins, online gaming, video calling support, built-in photo sharing and many others.

When you are selecting the offline installer, the setup process should not be too complicated. You need to remember to check your options twice, if you go for the file downloader provided by Yahoo, for the reason that it might give some changes to the browser as well as the default search engines.

You just need to input your Yahoo username and password, once the installation is complete and you can begin to chat. If you are one of the people who get annoyed by the insider window of Yahoo that pops out every time they log in can disable it and use the PREFERENCES menu.

Personalize the interface and your profile

The interface of Yahoo Messenger depends on the similar elements as all the other instant messaging applications out there. Contact list for screening those that are online is available, together with a few options for picking a user image or status message (frequently called an avatar).

You can easily send files, send messages just by dragging them in the discussion or conversation window, launch a video call, share photos, play a game and many other activities with just one single click. In addition to all these, the most recent versions also come with Facebook integration that is premeditated to track the activities of your contacts on the Yahoo messenger app network service.

To sum it up

As far as the instant messaging category is concerned, Yahoo! Messenger remains a top choice and it is seriously worth a try for those looking for a free way to chat on the Internet. Yahoo Messenger App takes socializing to a new level and gives you the opportunity to exchange more than words.

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