Twitter is letting you create and vote on polls about anything                  

Twitter is letting you create and vote on polls about anything                  

Are you a holder of a Twitter account? If you are then, you’ll know what I mean when I use these two terms “fav or retweet.” In other words the “fav or retweet” options on your twitter account are used to express binary options, that is, these two options have two equally important parts. Do you know that the times of asking your followers to “fav or retweet” are almost coming to an end? Well, this is the trending case as at the moment Twitter is implementing official support for polls. This will give its users a unique way of finding out whether one thing is better than a different or just give the similarity between the two.

Do you wish to create a poll about anything or just vote? Polls on different subjects can be created without any effort. Twitter gives you an option to pour your mind on the subject you feel attention. Indeed creating your poll is as easy as operating your phone. An integration of the Twitters features will help in composition of your message. This new option that will appear in the tweet-composing interface will help do the work easily. The interaction with this option will help you to create your own poll. Thanks to this new technology. It has added more utilities on Twitter.

The created Polls created by users will remain live for 24 hours but at this moment they will be restricted to two options. When the 24 hours voting time is over, each user who had participated in the polls will get a push notification from Twitter. This push notifications will inform them of their final results. Some users might want to know if their identities will be revealed to the public. They ought to know that voting is anonymous, that is, there will be no acknowledgment of the person responsible for voting. There are no restrictions on voting. The advantage is that any user can vote on any poll

In the near future, Twitter will be stretching these poll feature to such applications like iOS, Android, and the web. As users can note, Polls are Twitter’s first significant product adjustment since the new Moments tab, which as a feature is meant to attract new users, official poll support, on the other hand, sounds like a neat improvement for those who have already been involved in using the service.

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