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How Smartphones Impact the Earth

From the graphite used to create batteries, to the silicone within the processors, our smartphones are made of all sorts of natural materials. Even though some of them (for example, indium tin oxide that is used on the touch screen

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Samsung and the Foldable Phone

Up until now, the idea of a foldable smartphone as been like some kind of myth that might never be attainable. However, thanks to a report from the Korea Herald, it might be that Samsung is planning to pull it

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Start using Tinder App for Dating

Dating on the social networks has always been popular but little strange. People could not feel sure if the stranger contacts them for chatting nor for a date. In the last time messaging apps have also become popular for chatting

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Shazam App Offers Easiest and Quickest Way to Discover more about Music


Shazam app is designed for the purpose of identifying music being played in the neighborhood. This mobile phone application is simple and reliable anytime you feel like listening to music. As soon as the app starts running, it works within

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Instagram Launches a Curated Feed around Events, Starting With Halloween


Is it right to conclude that Snapchat, the blatant child of the major social media sites is slowly “killing” the know hashtag? According to a report by, Instagram had curated a special feed of content for users who would

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Download Hichat Messenger App today!


Ability to log into the Hichat messenger with your Facebook account. In this case, you will be able to use the Email address and Password that you log with into your Facebook account. See your friends with their status on

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Fairphone 2: A Smartphone Made With Entirely Open Hardware


Have you gone to an extent that one can say that you are sick of having smartphones that can’t be repaired? I know that you end up creating e-waste instead of just fixing the damn thing up and using it

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Viber out and Viber Privacy


Viber a most known communication app has now millions of 209 million users. It is a fantastic app through which you can stay connected to your loved ones. you can share your feelings, your sad and happy moments and everything

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