Viber out and Viber Privacy


Viber out and Viber Privacy


Viber a most known communication app has now millions of 209 million users. It is a fantastic app through which you can stay connected to your loved ones. you can share your feelings, your sad and happy moments and everything

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Best 5 Instant Messaging Apps Alternatives to Whatsapp


Hey, if you still thought Whatsapp is the only fastest way to get in touch with people then it’s time you update your status. Find below the perfect alternatives to Whatsapp, which is even become vulnerable to stalkers. Best 5

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Download Viber Messaging App for Free Calls and Messages Everywhere


It is no more news that Smartphones have dominated the telecommunications industry even as almost every one of us has one. Smartphones are now one of the lifelines of modern civilizations, making communication easy and hassle free. For those who

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