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Is Telegram Messenger Secure Enough to Be Used for Office Communication? A lot of instant messaging applications are out on the market today. Unfortunately, quite a lot of them have some contentious security features. For this reason, it is imperative for individuals and businesses to be adamant on greater amount of solitude, something a good number popular messaging application cannot proffer.

 Providentially, the Telegram messenger app makes it possible for the users to be confident while sending and receiving messages. Telegram app has come into sight as one of the most secure apps for messaging purposes. Although this messenger app is new, it is gradually getting international recognition. This is due to the fact that other messaging applications such as WhatsApp will charge users a subscription fee every year. Telegram messenger app affirms that it will remain free forever, without subscription charges, without messages that are sponsored and without ads.

However, is Telegram secure enough to be used for office communications?

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