Download Allo Messenger

Download Allo Messenger

Download ALLO Messenger for iPhone and Android. Google released the two new messaging and video call apps, Allo and Duo, at I/O developers meeting at the start of this year. The Duo has been launched about nearly a month ago, and now it’s time for Allo. As far as the messaging platform is a concern, everything has been quite simple in Allo. It has feature for which it earned biggest appreciation is the ability to make text look larger or smaller when you touch and hold the send button for some time and drag it in upward or downward direction. This feature allows you to include a slight personality to your conversation.

Considering about the personality: As Apple made a lot of partnerships by including the likes of Nintendo and Disney, Google chose to work with the independent graphics designers for its stickers on Allo. Currently, the app has less than 30 sticker packages which are available for free. Theme modes are quite alcoholic and have a wide range. The style of conversation is very evocative including some of the touchier animated trends on the Comedy Central.

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